Why Should I Hire A Stretch Tent? | Stretch Tent Hire UK

Why A Stretch Tent


Amazing Looking

Stretch tents are trendy, functional and look great – they’re a growing and popular choice for any event. Whether you’re organising a wedding, corporate event or festival you can wow those visitors and stand out from the crowd using our stretch tents. The organic, curved shapes blend into and compliment outdoor venues and sceneries like no other. Explore the interesting lighting and décor options that come with customisable tent shaping to create an impressive, modern and welcoming atmosphere at any event.

Versatile Rigging Options

There is a wide variety of different rigging options you can choose from to truly personalise the tent for your needs. You can adapt the look to suit your event’s unique requirements – you can even choose to have it raised up, high and open on all sides or close off one to three sides to create a warm and cosy space. Want to enhance an existing space? Speak to one of our team about how you could attach on of our stretch tents to a building to extend a space into the outdoors.

Modular Sizing

We offer a range of individual tent sizes for 30 to 450 guests that are suitable for most uses. But, we can even link up multiple tents together to cover a large or shaped area. See our tent sizes for more information.

Weather Resistant

Stretch Tent Hire UK stretch tents are designed to withstand all weather conditions. Our uniquely designed fabric, seams, and gutter systems stretch in all directions and remain waterproof. Stretch tents can also be shaped to block out prevailing winds. The STH multi-point tie down system ensures that the tents remain safe and secure in windy conditions. And our fabrics are UV resistant to block the harmful rays of the sun.