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Tent Specifications


Stretch Tent Hire UK stocks the most versatile tented structures on the market - conceived, designed and produced in South Africa. They're the original, official products imported from source by our team and as a result we offer some of the best temporary or semi-permanent installation services around, suitable for any style of event or venue.


Stretch Tent Sizes

Stretch 30 - Dimension 6m x 5m = 30m²
Stretch 54 - Dimension 6m x 9m = 54m²
Stretch 75 - Dimension 10m x 7.5m = 75m²
Stretch 120 - Dimension 10m x 12m = 120m²
Stretch 150 - Dimension 10m x 15m = 150m²
Stretch 180 - Dimension 15m x 12m = 180m²
Stretch 270 - Dimension 18m x 15m = 270m²
Stretch 300 - Dimension 20m x 15m = 300m²
Stretch 450 - Dimension 25m x 18m = 450m²

Modular Linking System

All our Stretch Tents come standard with a modular linking system which enables us to join multiple tents together for varied configurations. With massive technological advancements in Velcro technology, we use a tried and tested method to join up multiple stretch tents together using links on the gutters.

These multiple tent configurations have been tested up to storm strength and are easy to install and dismount. What's great is that we can pitch them in either hardstanding, or soft ground locations - and put them up in a range of creative formats to suit your needs, including:

Floating Canopy
Floating canopy
One Side Down
One side down
Two Side Down
Two sides down
Three Side Down
Three sides down
(partially closed)

Stretch Tent Colour Choices

Our stretch tents come in wide choice of colours to match your event including; chino, platinum, black, white or red.

If you want a custom colour for your event, a one-off design or to have it branded in some way - please ask one of our team for more information on this.

Floor Plans & Layouts

We have a variety of setup options for you to consider, dependant on what your event entails and how you would like it to look. We offer a range of standard configurations to complement the various tent styles and on confirmation of your booking, where one of our event planners will work with you to design a suitable floorplan.

This will include tent configuration, seating arrangements, positioning of stages, dancefloors, bars or entrances and exits - under the following formats:

Banquet Style
Banquet style
Theatre Style
Theatre style
Conference Style


Fabrics are all knitted and rigorously tested to come up to a gold-standard of production - by suppliers and partners that share our professionalism and passion for craftmanship. Each tent undergoes extensive trials before being hired out.

The patented MK4 fabric stays 100% waterproof even if the fabric is stretched. We add a Teflon Coat to the fabric to ensure 100% water resistance and our seaming method ensures a drip free finish to keep your covered and cosy in all weathers.

Mould & Fungal Inhibitors
We also treat the tent fabric with antimicrobials which stop fungal growth and inhibit mildew and mould. This is great for the UK market when the weather can sometimes get damp and wet, ensuring that we can guarantee only immaculate tents with every hire.

Easy to Clean
All our stretch tents are jet washed and thoroughly clean before we deliver them to site on each job.

Fire Retardant
All our stretch tents use fire retardant technology to meet UK Health and Safety Standards.

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