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Live Music / Dance Events – Our stretch tents are deployed everywhere and for any occasion. Our stretch tent structures can house a small private garden party all the way up to a structure for 3000 that you will find at some of the world’s biggest live music/dance events.

Typically you will find our structures at outdoor live music/dance events. They lend themselves well for concerts and festivals for multi-use purposes like bars, dance areas, chill out and relax areas and more formal table and eating/drinking areas.

If you want to see one of our structures in the flesh in a working environment then we have a permanent structure at Haydock Park Racecourse. It houses a mobile bar and creates a unique space at the racecourse that the event organisers and racegoers alike love. For Live Music / Dance Events, we can cater for concerts and much more at any venue.

They’re especially popular at the following live events:

Live Music
Dance Events
DJ Events

We’ve been used all over the country for Festivals and Live Events, Sporting Events, Corporate Events and Parties.

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