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Here’s a range of options that you can look at as bolt-on services to go along with the hire of one of our tents. We offer a wide range of extra equipment, dressing, décor and entertainment to make the organising of your event that little bit easier. Not everybody's an event expert and that’s what we’re here for!


We use only the Best ‘Dandy Dura Flooring’ for full protection and the most robust surfaces. They look good to.


Our most popular LED dance floors will transform any occasion with beautiful twinkling effects. Each unit houses ultra-bright white LED's which are spaced out evenly to give a fantastic random twinkling 'starlit' effect. These dancefloors create a wonderful atmospheric space perfect around bar areas and in front of performances stages housed in our Stretch Tent structures.
Each modular dance floor is made up of either (4ft x 2ft) or (2ft x 2ft) panels in an incredible 28mm thickness! So, they're low profile, sleek in appearance and can come in a range of looks depending what colour and configuration you would like to go with.

Our handy installation staff with be on hand to set up without a hitch, but if you're interested the mains electricity transformer feeds low voltage power through a single cable into a 'custom edge receiver', guaranteeing maximum protection and isolating the panels from the mains electricity. The floor is controlled via an RF remote using Zigby technology; sending and receiving the signal from every panel. This ensures all panels can operate simultaneously from a distance of up to 30 metres. This wireless operation means there is no time-consuming installations, saving precious minutes when laying the floor.

Materials: Acrylic, Birch Plywood or Aluminium
Slip Rating: R9
Load Rating: 5 kN per m²


Are you looking to create an informal event space with relaxed, communal seating? How about long tables and benches like a German beer hall? Or even high-end round dressing tables and chairs for the perfect wedding or corporate dinner? We can create any interior you wish.
Banqueting Round Table Hire UK Specifications
Our high-quality varnished plywood top tables come in a useful range of sizes and ready for use at weddings, private parties and corporate events. They include steel folding legs and are stackable, easy to transport and quick to set up.

3ft banqueting table - 3ft diameter (91.5cm) comfortably seating 3 to 5 adults. They come in a standard 77cm height and require an 88inch diameter round cloth (not included).

4ft banqueting table - 4ft diameter (122.0cm) comfortably seating 6 to 8 adults. They come in a standard 77cm height and require an 108inch diameter round cloth (not included).

5ft banqueting table - 5ft diameter (176.5cm) comfortably seating 8 to 10 adults. They come in a standard 77cm height and require an 118inch diameter round cloth (not included).

6ft banqueting table - 6ft diameter (183.0cm) comfortably seating 10 to 12 adults. They come in a standard 77cm height and require an 130inch diameter round cloth (not included).

For suitable seating options, check out our range of Limewash Chiavari Chairs for hire.
Limewash Chiavari Chair Hire UK Specifications
Our large stock of contemporary-looking Chiavari Chairs are made up from a hand-turned wooden frame with Champagne colour seating pads.

Also known as Tiffany Chairs, or classic wedding chairs - they provide an elegant finish and style, whilst also being comfortable to use and easy to stack and transport.

Height - 92cm
Width - 40cm
Seat Height - 47cm
Trestle Table Hire UK Specifications
Varnished hardwood trestle tables commonly found in beer halls and outdoor events. They're perfect for creating informal seating arrangements for social room settings - or even for serving food, drink and a wide range of multi-functional uses.

These tables come with folding green metal legs which allow for easy storage, installation and pack downs. Each table is suitable for seating 6 adults (3 per side).

Length - 200cm (2m)
Width - 50cm (0.5m)
Height - 77cm (770mm)

For seating options, check out our range of Trestle Benches for hire.
Trestle Bench Hire UK Specifications
Varnished hardwood trestle benches are a high quality, yet cost-effective seating option for creating areas for people to sit down, have a drink and socialise. They have green metal fold-away legs that are suitable for outdoor locations, but they're smart and versatile and can also be used for indoor events and occasions.

Length - 200cm (2m)
Width - 25cm (250mm)
Height - 46cm (460mm)
Poseur Table Hire UK Specifications
Aluminium high tables suitable for bar areas and standing room layouts, these functional tables are perfect for socialising with drinks and creating informal dining space. These polished chrome table top and pedestal style legs come in a stylish finish.

Table Diameter - 60cm
Table Height - 110cm
For seating options, check out our Aluminium High Stools for hire.
High Stool Hire UK Specifications
Strong yet comfortable bar stools that are perfect for use both indoors and outdoors. These are very light weight and durable, including a foot rest, seat and back. Whether it's a wedding, conference or private party they offer a cheap but effective option for informal social seating.

Height - 100cm
Width - 50cm
Seat Height - 76cm

Sound & Lighting

If you're looking to hire one of our stretch tents as a unique event or hosting space with live entertainment - or whether there's speeches, presentations or any need for amplified music to create that perfect atmosphere - our trusted partners have a range of sound systems, PA's and all the technical know-how to reach the desired effect. A team of professional sound engineers can be on hand throughout the duration of your event to ensure that things run smoothly. We can even help to source amazing live bands and DJs if you're stuck for ideas!

What's more, our team of experienced event planners can work to choose a stunning look for your event with creative lighting options that will give a real wow-factor for any guests entering the space. It's all about that big first impression! From LED uplighters in a wide range of colours, to light beams, video-walls, projections or smoke effects and lighting rigs suitable for small events right up to festivals and live music shows… we cover it all.

Each quotation is tailored to the needs of our clients - so please contact one of the team if you're looking for sound equipment or lighting to go along with your hire and we can provide you with a bespoke offer and price.


Are you planning a winter wedding or are you worried about that upcoming weather forecast or temperatures dipping at night? First of all, materials that are used to make the tents are specially designed to capture and retain heat better than any regular temporary structures or traditional marquees.

There are also a range of accessories available to completely enclose your guests in a warm and cosy environment, with various side panels and rigging options to choose from that allow you to create the ideal setup, whatever the weather!
In addition to our wide array of tent set ups, we also offer a whole host of professional-standard heating equipment. Whether you require blast heaters that bring your tent up to room temperature quickly and efficiently, through to radiating outdoor heating panels that create a warm glow for guests throughout the day and night. So contact one of our team for more information today.


If you're thinking about hiring a bar for your event, then look no further. Stretch Tent Hire UK have a vast amount of bar options which include full Circular LED Bars, Bus Bars, Prosecco Carts, LED Cocktail Bars, Chic Wooden Bars, PIMM'S bars, Champagne Bars and more. We have years of experience running event bars from private Cocktail Parties to large-scale beer festivals. Check out our sister company @Mobile Bars To You for more information.

All bars can come ready for use or fully-stocked, with professional service and waiting staff, Cocktail Mixologists and Flairers available for booking if required. We also take care of any licencing requirements to take all stress away from our clients and leaving you able to enjoy your special day. Stretch Tent Hire UK Bars also have the facility to take card payments making it quick, easy and professional for your guests, friends, family and clients.

There are a couple of options to choose from when hiring a bar:

We also offer a stock of portable bars and equipment for hire including:

LED Curve Bar - 1.6m sections
LED Straight Bar - 1 metre sections
Wooden Bar - 1 metre sections
Wooden Bar - 2 metre sections
Remote Beer Cooler
Single Beer Tap (including installation)
Bottle Fridges - single, double and triple cabinet sizes
Tall Fridges - single, double and triple cabinet sizes

Click here to visit the Mobile Bars To You website for more information


Again, if you're planning to put on any form of live entertainment, speeches or presentations then we can provide a range of staging options to suit your needs.

Our professional standard, interlocking lite-deck stage panels come in 8ft x 4ft units and can be set up at a range of heights (1ft or 3ft) depending on the size of your event. They can form a stage as big as you need, are quick and easy to set up and pack down and have even been used for runways and display platforms.
Thought about going the extra mile for a big awards ceremony, wedding or live music event? We can also include a number of stage rigging options with scaffold-style truss panels that can be used to hang a suitable stage backdrop, different lighting equipment, screens, decorations and more. For more information or to discuss what style of stage that you're looking for, please contact one of the team today.

DJ’s & Band

As event people with a long history of delivering private parties, occasions, corporate events and festivals we have a large database of high-quality performance artists available to book. So whether you need anything from a six-piece jazz band, acoustic act, superstar DJ or stage host to create a party with style we can work to source and confirm the right performances for your event.

It can become a bit of a minefield putting on the perfect entertainment. Have you picked a suitable band or DJ but don't know what equipment or expertise you'll need to make it happen and run smoothly on the day? Just get in touch with one of our event planners to talk about what you're thinking, and we'll help you to make some decisions about setting up the performance space correctly.

Have you thought about power requirements? What about putting the correct stage, sound, lighting and technical equipment and staff in place to give you a stress-free ride? Don't worry, we're here to help and will always seek to deliver a professional, cost-effective service that will wow the crowds without breaking the bank!

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