We've got you covered!

Are you an Event or Production Manager that’s looking for a great structure to house your event in? Maybe a cool bar, dance tent, speaker stage, workshop space, VIP area or just about anything that you can put your mind to?! Give one of our tensile canopies a go.

Stretch Tents for Festivals

We have a nice range of tents that cover an array of potential scenarios – they’re durable and waterproof, able to withstand strong winds, can be used on hardstanding or soft ground and are definitely easy on the eye.

Tents can be set up on uneven ground and importantly, they have a very short build time, so you can look forward to easy scheduling. Another useful tip is that their modular linking system will allow you to join together multiple tents; extending capacities, creating interesting shapes and going for a really nice look.

From a small tented structure for a handful of people to one that will house up to 3000 revellers, we have a fantastic range of options for clients in the industry.

If you want to see one of our amazing stretches up close and personal and in a working environment, then we have a permanent installation at Haydock Park Racecourse that currently houses a bar which you can arrange to view (and sample!). We can refer you to other event companies that we’ve worked with before for references and we promise to provide a seamless service, meeting your requirements for COSHH, RAMS and insurances.